Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Anonymous guest spot: Dating for gamers

 There's nothing wrong with admitting you lack a certain skill or specific knowledge. It just means I have to throw this blog on the mercy of my superiors in games media to speak, completely uncensored, on subjects outside of my purview. In return, I grant them anonymity so they are saved from pissing off editors and that wanker at Sega. The writer's name and publication have been changed to protect me from legal action and keep the writer's job

Nicky Quish has been writing for men's lifestyle blog, "Man Handle" for seven weeks and a longtime Kotaku commenter, reaching a career highpoint of being blocked by Leigh Alxander on twitter.

Dating for gamers

Hey there bros, nice guys and  gamecocks. I was on that internet, looking for new fedoras to impress my honestly real girlfriend/cam girl and I noticed post on Kotaku about a young lion who tried to pick up a buff  muff in a clothing store and got shot down on Facebook. Amateur tactics bro! You let that girl totally sink your man ship.