Friday, 14 June 2013

Sony are our friends again, right?

Now the dust has settled a little over one of the more eventful E3s, and everyone pretty much all agreed that out of the three console manufacturers showing their wares, Sony's Playstation 4 beat Microsoft's Xbox One hands down. After Microsoft decided the future of console gaming was make people check in to Microsoft's servers once a day and not being allowed to borrow your games to other Xbox One owners and only being able to buy pre-owned games after paying the original value of the game and sacrificing your first born to mighty Aeries, all eyes were on what Sony would do. To the relief of many, Sony allayed the fears of DRM on consoles becoming the norm when they announced the PS4 will not require a internet connection to play games, will be region free and won't restrict pre-owned games. Add to that indie publishers being allowed to self publish and a Mad Max game. So that means we all love Sony again because they've done good by gamers, right?

There's no denying that compared to Microsoft's E3 presentation of PR spin, sequels to the usual Xbox games, a God of War clone and a rape joke to herald the return of Killer Instinct, the PS4 is clearly the better option, even if the Dark Sorcerer isn't actually a game, but should be, I'm far more convinced to give Sony my money than Microsoft, and not just because it's cheaper than Xbox One and Mad Max. OK, mostly that, but during all the whooping and cheering, while Jack Tretton had that, "fuck you Microsoft" grin on his face (which was actually funny) I couldn't help but think, why are we lining up to love Sony, like the PS4 had a free oral sex mode included, when all Sony did was not be the kind of money grabbing, psycho boyfriend Microsoft has turned into. You know, like they're supposed to?

In totally unrelated news, I really am pleased with the plumber I just hired. He's fantastic, not once has he tried to steal my money, set my mother on fire or have sex with my cat. Don't get me wrong, I'm relieved Sony has become a second option for what my next game console might be (clue: NOT the Xbox One), but it speaks for the state of gaming when Sony, just by acknowledging your consumer rights -as most governments would eventually take them to task over- become the greatest thing since the two-faced kitten.
being adorable is always on

Maybe Sony really have learned  from their almighty cock ups that was the PS3 launch, the cumbersome, unsupported mess that the PS Vita was, the Playstation network being hacked and everything about the PSP Go? If so, that's commendable that they eventually realised why they were playing catch up to Microsoft and Nintendo and have taken steps to gain back their lost audience. And if they're genuine about how no pre-owned game the PS4 can be blocked, despite some uncertainty about third party publishers and how the online pass system might creep in, then fair play to them. But that doesn't make Sony the patron saint of game consoles (because Gunpei Yokoi is in line for that gig) because they're the default good guy for not trying to fuck you over a digital barrel. Like they shouldn't be doing ever, even if Cliffy B thinks it's ok.

Sony are not your friends. No more than Microsoft or Nintendo are, and you're not obligated to buy anything they produce. It's a simple relationship, they make something you want to buy, you buy it. Good for Sony (and Nintendo) for respecting your consumers rights, but that should be a given. And we shouldn't be lining up to suck them off because they're not as stupid/crazy/greedy as Microsoft are being. And if it turns out Cliffy B is right (which is a terrifying concept) about Sony lying about their non-use of DRM then to hell with them too. If you  really want to play Mad Max and The Order 1886, then get a PS4. And will you do a celebratory dance and burn your old game consoles as thanks because the discs actually played the game too?

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