Wednesday, 3 April 2013

East London set to host game journo piss up

If you have aspirations to be a games journalist and you live in London, or you're just a borderline alcoholic, then you may want to book a ticket to, "Game Over", a evening presented by the National Union of Journalists at the Innovation Warehouse (near Farringdon tube station), with three talks on the subject of...

How to make money as a writer in video games
Expect to hear(or at least hope) three industry vets tell you of their experiences getting their start in paid games writing (at a time when there were much less people applying for jobs) how you should never write for free on a blog but should write for free as a intern and most likely not tell you about whatever crawling they did to get their initial starts that will do you fuck all good, unless they also give out the personal mobile number and address of the editor of Eurogamer.

The history of video games journalism
 Presented by longtime Guardian games reviewer and GMA winner, Steve Boxer talks about his history in games journalism, as frankly, I wouldn't necessarily trust him to recall 100% of British games journalism. Especially parts of the last decade. On account of his chronic "cold", which can never quite seem to shake off. Don't judge, it could be one of your own

Writing the stories for games
Three writers discuss getting a career in writing for games and the progressive influence of narrative on gaming and how it can truly service the gameplay experience. Which includes Rhianna Pratchett on the panel. So you can ask her what it was like writing nothing but endless, "Ahh, my leg!"And Enjoying the praise of rebooting Lara Croft as not a stripper with guns, while still using the lazy plot device of the damsel in distress. Or was Sam supposed to be suicidally stupid on purpose?

If you're not a NUJ member, then it's £5 for a ticket. And if you fancy the idea of trying (and failing) at discovering the seemingly secret code to getting a break into games journalism at the Q&A, and those fledgling game journos doing much needed networking better get in quick. Because there's a free bar afterwards, and as we all know, a games journalist would walk though a corridor of flaming knives, made from the fillings of dead war criminals to get to free booze. So get in there quick and for god's sake, don't accept any of the special "go-go tablets" from anyone in the toilets

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