Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things are going great for EA

It's often wondered, do game publishers hate their customers? No, of course not -unless it's Capcom- it's nothing personal. It's just the people in charge of most big publishers are run by money hungry bastards, who  see you as walking wallets who only exist to prop their profit margins up. Of course they don't say it, that would be insane. No, they hide their clear desire to milk you of every stray penny by disguising it in corporate buzzwords, or "bullshit" as it's known. Because frankly, there's more evidence to suggest that the big publishers are just fucking clueless and any success they have is mostly blind luck. How else would you explain EA's latest shenanigans?

According to Eurogamer, Dead Space 3 has sold far below expectation of it a supposed target of five million sales. Even after EA did everything to make it as appealing to the mainstream as possible- which is PR jargon for, "Lets make it as much like Battlefield as possible and chuck in a load of microtransactions, so we can wank more money out of those poor souls who don't know any better." And now the rumour is that the Dead Space franchise has been cancelled. Although Dino Ignacio at Visceral Games says otherwise, the recent spate of lay offs can't bode well for the future of the IP. An IP the big nobs at EA don't seem to understand, as Dead Space was never a game that was gonna knock Battlefield's (another series that's at risk after severe sequel fatigue) sales figures into touch. It was a moody, atmospheric horror game that showed the days of captivating single player experiences, in the over familiar sci-fi setting, were alive and well. But EA honestly thought that shoving in a co-op mode, into a horror game, and adding in the kind of microtransactions that core gamers openly resent would make it a massive hit.

And, as anyone who tried to play Sim City on Origin will tell you, the servers have ground to a halt at launch. As reported in Rock Paper Shotgun, players, who for paid for the online only game that requires the  always on  DRM that is their online games service, had to wait while the servers settles out after the US launch. What a great idea, far more convenient than just buying a  disc and playing it. No, EA force people to buy your game through one medium and force them to be online all the time on a service that can't handle the kind of traffic that still seems to catch big publisher's unaware.

Of course those mass irritants would be labelled as, "improving the player experience" and "protecting the industry and our IP" which just means doing their up most best to force gamers into a future where the only way to play EA games will be to connect a cable directly in their brains, where Origin will stream one military first person shooter into your cerebral cortex and part of the Origin agreement means staying connected for the rest of your life. That's what it really is. isn't it John Riccitello?  You and the overlords or mediocrity that pay your wages fear the idea of consumer choice and freedom. And the only solution is to force gamers into slowly accepting a existence where they are totally dependant on being connected to your machine of evil intent. Admit it Mr Riccitello, you're making the fucking matrix, for real! Aren't you?!
Because that's the only logical explanation I can think of for all these fun-killing ideas.

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