Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Look what you've done Anita Sarkeesian!

...Is it safe to come out yet? Has the premier episode of Tropes vs Women convinced all our ruling governments to eradicate all games consoles? Because the internet said all that special kickstarter money that Anita Sarkeesian raised was gonna be used to hire an entire army of Godless mercenaries to come 'round our houses (or studio flat) and stamp, with extreme prejudice, on every single game -be it cartridge, disc or one of those TV plug-in things- until all our game collections are nothing more than a pile of fine dust, moistened only by our tears...Oh, wait a minute nothing fucking happened. Well except a video got uploaded to Youtube and, in Youtube tradition, a shower of morons felt the urge to pollute the universe with their opinions.

NO!  My PS3 is like a penis to me. Except it still works

It does beg the question, much when those in the tabloid media try to drum up a clearly false scare story about video games, have the biggest detractors of Tropes vs Women actually seen it?  Because I watched it, and at no point did Sarkeesian say any game should be banned, that any one game producer was sexist in of themselves or any particular game was inherently sexist. Just there is a over reliance on the old chestnut of, "bad guy takes your best gal, go rescue her." It wasn't sarcastic or overly critical (except from her clear disdain for the girlfriend-punching opening to Double Dragon) and brought up the fact that you can love something but still be critical of it. You know, like every fucking gamer does all the time, and has done ever since  games magazine had a letters page. If anything, it reminded me of a Open University educational series, where video games and their common plot devices are being explained to the layman.  A layman who would clearly see the knee jerk, stone-melting anger that preceded the video is evidence enough that there is a serious problem with misogyny in gaming, which I touched on previously.
But, as we know, Youtube is the place where common sense and reasoned debate goes to die, and even though Sarkeesian had to turn off the comments on her videos -which  at least follows the advice of the indifferent shruggers who don't understand why they don't actually have the right to scream "faggot"at Adam Sessler for making a mistake about the wording of a Trophy on a God of War: Ascension review. "If you don't like it just disable comments"- which she did and even then she got criticised for. By the golden human being -wait, sorry- I meant arrogant wank-filled, woman hater, known as the Amazing Atheist.
Who, in a recent video criticised  Sarkeesian for disabling comments on Tropes vs Women. His point (to save you watching the video) being that you always will get the lunatic fringe commenting and do cut off all comments only cuts off anyone who would praise or legitimately criticise it. "What's wrong with that?" you may very well ask. Well, nothing unless last year, you shat a massive MRA-turd on Reddit, telling a rape victim they deserved it.

Really, the Amazing Atheist, or Terroja Lee Kinkaid as his regretful mother calls him, answered his own question, Sarkeesian turned the comments off to get some respite from  emotional grooming, repressed, backwards, mouth breathing man-children like Kinkaid. Let me clear something right up, being a atheist doesn't automatically make you smart or superior. Nor does it mean you're always right. No more than wearing a pair of glasses alone would make you clever. Kinkaid may have apologised for his entry for  the biggest cunt on the internet contest, and the current video may be , on the surface, civil. Don't buy it. He's merely replaced out and out twattery with passive aggression at best. At worst, he doesn't give a toss and  thinks leaving Reddit is enough for a fresh slate and he can go back to his very shaky moral high ground, unaware that his MRA bullshit makes him as anti-progressive as the religious types he so likes to criticise. And don't think that means I'm religious, because I'm not. But Kinkaid's zealotry to a lost cause and needless  attempts to try and catch out one person's opinion, based on established facts (sorry but Tropes vs Women is the least emotional or subjective gaming video you'll find for quite a while yet) makes him no better than the Spanish Inquisition. And at least they were entertaining
Don't deny my male rights. Link must never be a woman!

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