Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Josef Fares is great at games promotion

Indie games are great, aren't they? You don't have to trudge down to the high street with the risk you wasted your journey because your games shop sold out of the game you want or the slack-jawed warranty floggers at GAME either don't have it or only have it pre-owned at a shit price. You can download it right away or play it via a streaming service and there's a more broad spectrum of genres and art styles that have lead to the rise of games that, due their relatively small budget, have the freedom to far more experimental with their aesthetics and concepts compared to the Triple-A publishers. And they are much cheaper too!

But it seems Swedish film maker and part of the creative force behind Starbreeze's latest title, Brothers- a tale of two sons, is a bit iffy about the last part with a top act of foot in mouth.
In a interview with Eurogamer, Fares brought up the subject of overlong running times and how he and Starbreeze proactively wanted to avoid a bloated play time,

     "everything you see, it happens only once. It is a three or four hour game. We could of made it 
      ten hours if we wanted, but it's more important to keep the player curious, and on a journey"

Nothing wrong with that. After all some of the more popular and acclaimed indie games have had relatively short game-spans. Games which have shown the player all it has by the second or third play though at most. And Fares makes a fair point about it's better to have a short, good game than a long bad one. However, Fares shit in the Ikea cake of promotion when he stepped onto a topical landmine, price. 

"Who cares about value for money? You never question how long a movie was"

Well, if it cost £40 to see a movie, people wouldn't question how long the film was. Because they'd be too busy wondering if the cinema manager had lost his fucking mind or if it was just company policy to make cinema tickets more of a rip off than the price of their snacks. 
That's not to say Brothers will be disproportionately priced, at least you would hope not. But in the climate of locked off disc content being sold back as DLC, microtransactions in full price games, basic content held behind pay walls, DRM crippling games from launch and online passes, it's a little beyond insulting your potential audience. Who cares about value for money? The people who the money belongs to, that's who. Great job on challenging him on that point Eurogamer.

In terms on dick headdery, it's up there with Cliffy B telling gamers to stop whinging about the extra cost of DLC because he's rich as a bastard, and can afford it all, so all gamers should be able to as well

The only upshot of Fares' twattish statement means if gaming loses Jonathan Blow or Phil Fish, indie gaming will have a egocentric turd to step into their shoes. As a test, lets see what Fares has to say about the value of a game if gamers either wait two weeks from launch to buy it (a rather stellar tactic devised by Jim Sterling) or get a pirated version. Actually, just do the second option, because who cares about game developers getting paid for their effort? 

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