Monday, 25 March 2013

American McGee hates your decadent complaining

Honest citizen, who I'm sure is free to walk the streets of China  if and whenever he wants to, and corporate suck up, American McGee has, for reasons unbeknown to anyone who gives  a toss, chimed in his opinion on current criticism of  a bureaucratic, anti-creativity, pro-censorship, organisation, universally criticised for it's human rights violations and disregard for all humanity for the pursuit of commerce...EA.

In a interview with Forbes, McGee talked about the desire to make a new Alice game. Which means having meetings with the games original publisher and owners of the Alice IP, EA. Cue slavish toadying up to them, when asked about the recent SimCity debacle, McGee started off reasonable enough,

"Customers have a right to expect that products
they've purchased perform as advertised"

Good American- can I call you American?- that's all you need to say on the matter. Even EA and Maxis eventually, sort of admitted that they fucked up royally with their implementation of an extraneous, always online digital rights management. But McGee must really want that Alice sequel, went off  on some good old corporate excuse making...

"That being said,  developers and publishers face extinction if
they can't solve the piracy issue while at the same time addressing
the demands gamers make regarding connected and accessible games"

"Being in China all I see are companies  who have solved 
these issues and customers who are happy with the results."

Oh goody, McGee is still stuck on the notion that we need DRM to stop us pirating games. Even though we already bought a legit copy. While a pirated version of a game, most likely procured from China- a country synonymous with piracy and total disregard for copyright law (lest we forget the knock off Apple stores?) but seeing as his development company is based in China, he's not gonna spout a foul word toward the Chinese government, nor will he criticise his hopeful paymasters. So it was surprise he threw in some poorly worded, shooting the messenger and victim blaming in there for good measure.

"Not sure I see how incendiary media coverage or player reactions
are warranted when things don't work as expected"

"Just because you've given a restaurant you business doesn't entitle you
to throwing molten cheese fries in your waiter's face if your margarita
comes out frozen instead of on the rocks"

What a great fucking analogy American. No wonder the Alice is so revered by pubescent emo girls, with such wondrous use of the English language. Oh sorry, I'm mistaken. That was a fucking rotten way to brush off the legitimate failure on Maxis' and EA's part. If EA ran this bizarre restaurant that served cocktails and cheese-laden chips that American describes, we wouldn't get the magarita we just paid for because there's only three glasses in the entire restaurant, which is the only joint that serves margaritas so no one buys a fake margarita in another restaurant or bar. And if we want a refund, we get banned from the restaurant. But that's ok with American McGee, because he hopes to get a job at that restaurant serving up some recycled old dish that's popular with people pining for a sub-par platformer with delusions of Tim Burton. I would suggest a change in diet

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