Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy junior PR person day!

If you didn't already know, today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (yes this is a thing) which in the world of video games is like being a entry level PR person. The difference is like that of a online games journo to a print one. On the surface they seem the same but the latter garners more money, prestige and most of all, more perks.
Being a community manager is just that, managing a community: a forum, twitter and facebook page, propagating the message of whatever the community is based on. So, for example,  if you're managing the community for a video game website, you trawl though the endless threads about how game X sucks compared to game Y and if you don't agree, then you're a motherless shit. Moderating all posts according to the guidelines set by your employer (usually anything thread that criticises you and begins to gain steam) and write "copy" which ranges from writing (boring everyone to death with) basic fluff pieces about your ongoing project to custom your wargaming figures into a army Welsh Baptists or the more common promotional pieces about hoe fantastic and cancer-curing your employer is. All while updating the feeds for the social media outlets and not forgetting the important correlation of audience information. In essence you are the face of the company as you'll most likely be the main point of contact the audience has with the business that employs you.
However, being a gaming community then the only way you'll see a worse collection of cunts is if you're the on hand gynaecologist for Babestation as we all know how ugly it can turn on gaming forums, especially official ones for specific publishers/games
"Oh God, not another Dragon Age thread"

But if you can withstand the ebb and flow of hatred, misplaced ownership and actual grievances, and inside your withered chest beats the dark heart of a corporate shill, then working as a community manager is the first step to becoming a gaming PR person. As a PR person you still have your daily exposure to scum, entitled thieves and borderline psychotics, but because they're game journalists and you hold the keys to the lost city of review exclusives, they have to be nice to you. And you get to go to all of the press events and have first dibs at the free shit. If you're a poor, lowly community manager then you better diet the fuck out of yourself, because all the large and extra large t-shirts will have been nabbed by the PR people first. Thankfully, being a  community manager is a quicker stepping stone to being a PR person than hack games journalist ever will be, so you'll be doing lines of bath salts off of a assets disc long before the likes of  Dan Maher has turned up. So it is worth it in the end.
So for all of you community managers out there. Your job could be done by a trained badger, your needy demeanour secretly annoys all around you -because, no I'm not interested retweeting some spam bot for more followers or winning a free mug shaped like a french poodle- but you have what it takes to be a complete, shameless, corporate whore. So hang in there and one day you'll live in a world where people are simply  statistics and everyone have a price. One day you'll get there, you beautiful, pointless little person you...One day

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