Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Achievement unlocked: You've been ripped off

According to rumours reported to StickTwiddlers two entities that love to gouge gamers for every spare penny are joining forces, as the mum-bothering high street retailer, GAME and everyone's favourite online pay wall, Xbox LIVE are supposedly teaming up in a point joint promotion in which the lost souls who usually frequent midnight launches can unlock a special achievement for queueing up for hours in end, huddling up to the kind of wanker, that thinks posting "first" on a YouTube video  is the height of wit, for mutual warmth. Just so they can have all the achievements on a game. Which, by the way, will add nothing to your actual gamer score, so it seems. So you would of spent all that time stuck behind the poor mouth breathing, attention whore who think turning up to every fucking launch event is anything in the way of an actual achievement. Even though you can mostly get said game or gadget earlier if you buy it online.
"We're better than you, because we're going inside a shop at night"

Well done GAME, since you absolved Gamestation, the main concern was the alienation of the core gamer, the type of person who openly dislikes GAME's usual practise of hard-selling customers into buying more games, going for pre-owned (with no warning that a online pass might be needed) and the great retail scam that is the extended warranty, or "game insurance" as HMV quaintly calls it now. Oh yes, there's no way one could ever see GAME on the verge of total bankruptcy with red hot concepts like allowing Xbox 360 owners to show off a fucking label that proved they're too stupid to pre-order a game online where it's more than likely to be cheaper than GAME has it for and will be delivered to your door the morning of release. So long as there's enough morons, GAME will see it through this turbulent economy.

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