Monday, 10 December 2012

G4 may be rebranded as Esquire TV

For those of you looking to follow in the footsteps of Olivia Munn's career (god help you) then you may be in luck. Only difference is, you may have to go a bit up market. Because even though the fucking terrible G4 gaming channel shut down the last of their video game content, with the demise of X-Play and Attack of the Show. However, the Hollywood Reporter has reported that G4 network owners, NBC Universal, may be finalising a deal to rebrand the channel in the image of hardly relevant, men's lifestyle magazine, Esquire. In an attempt to, "court metrosexual viewers that History and Spike ignore" with programming focused at "gaming and lifestyle." So for you ladies, wear only the very best evening gown when jumping into a giant pie. And fellas, get a decent shirt and tie for presenting that puff piece about how awesome Mass Effect 3 is or how we're all gonna love the next wavey hand game for Kinect.
No doubt, hardcore gamers will balk at the idea of  their beloved G4 dying a slow death of drowning in endless reality show repeats, only to be made over as a channel aimed at metrosexuals. Because NBC/Universal think it's still 2006. Esquire TV (or whatever the channel will be called) will have to go some way to prove they're up to the same standards of innovative gaming content, that G4 became famous for.
video games, Yeah!
But don't all flock to Spike TV just yet, young  Americans. Just because Esquire doesn't present itself as a yapping gaggle of frat boys, boasting about their first date rape. Because a brief look at Esquire's gaming content on their website shows they have just has little regard for honest, in depth gaming coverage and display the same amount of passive aggressive, disdain for gamers that G4 had. So don't judge Esquire TV too much, when they produce shows about hair gel and Dog The Bounty Hunter marathons. Because you're bound to get the same millisecond of actual video game content as you did a few months ago.

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