Wednesday, 28 November 2012

American McGee on the glorious people's republic of China

Game producer, James "American" McGee -the man behind some level design on Doom 2 and the below average Alice games had -UNDER NO DURESS WHATSOEVER- a interview with The Escapist about working in the Chinese games industry. But mainly it was McGee rebuking everything the  excellent Robert Rath's Critical Intel article about China's growing economy and it's influence in media. So McGee -BY HIS OWN FREE WILL- went about addressing and countering the points, and "underlying agenda" made in Rath's article. Because he obviously loves working in China and the Chinese government officials, who would never shut down his entire operation and "disappear" his loved ones would he dare criticise the Chinese Ministry of Culture, like the unmutual bastard, Robert Rath.

According to McGee, Rath is a deadly enemy of THE INFALLABLE CHINESE GOVERNMENT and their genrious grants, tax breaks and popular factories/orphaniges. And their prectices of raping the landscape, single handely reinvigorating the ivory trade and banning foreign products that threaten to establish a monopoly without paying a kickback, are no different from, American video game rating board, the ESRB.
Rated E for extinct fucking elephants!

On no, McGee, WITH NO COERCION, is perfectly happy with his interactions with the Chinese government and their NOT REMOTELY CORRUPT officials. "We get nothing support and kindness from them" as he puts it with a slightly creepy air. So suck on that Robert Rath! When was the last time anyone -never mind an entire government with little to no proper regulation- gave you any support and kindness? Especially a government that takes such due care to look out for corrupting influences in their media. Just like the ESRB (or how PEGI does in Europe) does. As McGee says himself,
"I personally like the idea that the Chinese government actively works to suppress superstition and cults throughout games and media"
 Don't you wish the gaming advisory boards in the West would keep superstitions and cults from you? Horrible superstitions and cults like Christianity, Tibetans,  Islam, and proper working conditions.
Too bad we live in countries that let us protest (for now at least) and criticise your government. What entitled buggers we all are. Thank you American McGee. May you dine on the last surviving panda for showing us decadent westerners the error of our ways. And I do hope the culture minister was only joking when he threatened to drop your loved ones into a vat of acid

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