Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oh look, more adverts on xbox LIVE

That new xbox LIVE update is good isn't it? What with the added Kinect options, less videos for silver account users and the sneaked in extra DRM (you did read the new terms and conditions, didn't you?), Microsoft are really spoiling you. Well, your xbox LIVE experience is about to be spoilt even more as it was announced today in MCV that low rent vendors of shit video game television, Attention Seeker Productions, will be infesting the coveted ad-space on your xbox dashboard with the inclusion of their glorified EA advert, pwned. Yes, it's really called that and is as thoroughly bland and unimaginative as you'd imagine it is. So they're a perfect fit for EA then.

Not only will you be able to watch constant infomercials about Battlefield and if John Terry can scream racial obscenities at you in Fifa 2012, with the inclusion of Fifa tips show, "The Boot Room," but Attention Seekers will also be producing original content too. So all of you pining for Inside Xbox, like it took your virginity, you now have an all new team if mediocre, hack, games media scumbags to fill those endless hours of waiting for RedTube videos to buffer out on the new internet explorer app.

And what a team it is. Not only do you have the combined presenting prowess of rat boy and  and Sky Sports nobody, but they also boast  the amazingly non-existent creative abilities  of Aoife Wilson and the gurning abortion that is Julia Hardy, who regular readers will know from the televisual shit-stain, that is Ginx TV. With that collective at work, who knows what kind of shameless, corporate cock sucking -in the name of games journalism- who occur?

I only wonder if this new series of videos will be taking the place of where Inside Xbox used to be, or -like IGN and GameSport are now- in the video section, locked off to silver account users? Or where they actually belong, the little ad-box, in the corner of every fucking page of the dashboard.

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