Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reason #17 why e-sports will never make it mainstream

And it's not just because pro-gamers (because it's not a fucking sport, ok) are either have the personality of a house brick or are homicide inducing, obnoxious twats. Because the whole concept of professional gaming has been dragged through the syphilitic mud as two gaming teams, Curse NA and Team Dignitas (no, I don't know if they're sponsored by the assisted suicide clinic) had their victories and prize money stripped from by pro-gaming organiser, Major League Gaming, for both colluding to manipulate the brackets and share the prize money on popular douche bag magnet, League Of Legends. Which- to the uninitiated- is kinda along the lines of Warcraft meets Counter Strike Source. 
Essentially what both teams did was play one of the championship series games, "all random, all mid" (ARAM) meaning, instead of all players on each team picking their best champion to fight their way up along the field of play. Both teams picked their champion at random and only played in the middle section. It's what many LOL players do to play socially. Just for the hell of it. And certainly not when there's thousands of dollars at stake. Try to imagine, in the middle of a world championship boxing match, both fighters- just for the larks-  would decide to  fight with one arm behind their back and not hit so hard with their free one. Because it doesn't matter who wins, they're sharing the prize purse. Technically they're doing nothing wrong. There's no rules about doing something like that. But it spits in the face of everyone who works their arse off to reach the pro ranks and to those that paid money to see you perform on the main stage. That's what the borderline autistics at Curse and Dignitas did. Which lead Curse NA to apologise, via youtube, like a bunch of naughty schoolboys who had been caught playing soggy biscuit 'round the back of the school gymnasium.

General skulduggery and twattishness is nothing new in pro-gaming, just ask ladies man, Justin Wong (seriously girls, when he buys you a little teddy bear, run!). Some pro-gamers think being a pro means they get to arse play whatever game they like for money, while still acting like the complete cunt-basket they normally are while online. Wrong! People aren't paying money for you to extend your teenage years and hit on Asian girls. People are paying to see you play at the peak of your skills against other players/teams or equal ability. They want to see the best go at it, not dick around because you're sharing the prize money anyway, so it's no  problem. Being a professional means you give 100%, not matter what, and you're paid for it you mithering  shit stains. You're supposed to be the best in the world and you treat it like a glorified coffee break!
When this story broke, I was reminded of the time the boss of a pro-gaming team said what would make pro-gaming really hit the big time is if people were allowed to bet on the results of competitions. Great idea, as if   the whole pro-gaming scene didn't have enough corrupting influences already, what with long time players being buddies of tournament organisers or being part of the organisation itself, it looks like it's gonna be a long time until the word "professional" means anything in gaming tournaments.

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