Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gamers desperately need nutrients!

Crappy, poor conceived products aimed at gamers is nothing new. Especially in America, where they still have this 1990's "do everything extreme!" style of marketing. And the hilariously pointless "G Fuel" from Gamma Labs, for some reason, are trying to market energy drinks to gamers. Great idea, because if there's one thing people who's hobby involve sitting down for hours on end need, it's a fucking protein shake.

That's not to say it's no good (thank you legal) for giving you a boost of energy and helping with muscle repair (like all protein shakes do) but most gamers- and the pro-gamers they sponsor- aren't lifting anything heavier than a PC tower. And no matter how you style it, pro-gaming is and never will be considered anything like a real sport. Sorry if that comes as a shock to you, but outside of a games fanbase, no one is interested in a bunch of emotionally stunted, adult teenagers, who's personality ranges from offensively obnoxious to dull as ditch water. No matter how many "personalities" you sponsor, like the hilariously named Tucker "Jericho" Boner...seriously, with a name like that, why do you even have  nick name? Your name is the funniest thing about you.

So to any gamer who thinks drinking this alone will make them healthy. It wont. You'll just be slightly more twitchy and wont feel as hungry for a  while. But it's not surprising Gamma Labs came up with such a fucking ridiculous idea when you look at their comic con video (sped up crowd footage is always the go-to intro for shit convention videos), they clearly don't realise gamers do fine fuelling their gaming sessions with red bull, pringles and aggressive homophobia

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