Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sega are xenophobic

Seen Anarchy Reigns, the multiplayer beat 'em up made by Platinum games? It's like lost Dreamcast gem: Powerstone, but with online modes and Bayonetta is in it. It comes out in Japan  July 5. And to the surprise of many - including the developers- it wont be released in the west until next year.
Why are Platinum Games  confused by Sega delaying the Western release? Because it was already localised and ready to ship internationally for it's original release in May. But Sega, in their infinite wisdom, feel it would be far better to let the Japanese have a near 6 month headstart on the rest of the world and save it's Western release to coincide with the new Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, instead of right now when there's always a drought of new games to play. Great thinking guys, wouldn't want it to clash with Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics. Or maybe they just hate all us round-eyed Westerners and secretly get a sexual kick from depraving us of the few good games, they publish?

UPDATE: If you really want to play it now. You can buy it, under it's Japanese name: "Max Anarchy" from sites like play-asia or ebay, as it's region free and already has the English language option

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