Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Peter Molyneux is a wonderful games journalist

Did you ever meet one of those compulsive liars, that somehow get away with it because they follow up their previous lie with another, slightly bigger, lie? Well Peter Molynuex is a compulsive bullshitter. Yes, bullshit is the correct word here, as we expect PR people and Publishers to hype a game up to the nth degree, but as a game producer, Molyneux should of by now grasped the the idea that saying every game you make is amazing -then turns out only to do half of what you promised or is just a rip off of Castle Crashers - kinda sets you as someone who's statements have to be taken with a ,Gabe Newell-sized, pinch of salt. As it turns out, Molyneux's talent for talking crap, has convinced  Spike TV to hire him as their E3 reporter.

Though, supposedly, said in jest. Molyneux's experience, reporting on E3 has given him a  new approach to showing demos to journalists, in the future:

"I would give a 30-second demo to the journalist and give 19 and a half minutes to write it up," he said. "I'd get ten times the amount of space and it would probably be far more impactful. What's really interesting is I don't think the press has the time to take in these 15-20 minutes demos on-stage... by the time they're already halfway through that demo they're already thinking about or writing the next bit."
So that's your big idea to previewing your future titles is it Peter? Give us a half a minute of gameplay, then impose 19 minutes to write about it. As if reporting at E3 (thank fuck I'm not doing it) wasn't stressful enough: attending every conference, then quickly writing up on the key points right after then interviewing developers and trying to get your hands on all the playable games and reporting on those instantly and making sure you saw every trailer, because your editor wants it all instantly, because the readers want it instantly. Great, fucking, idea Peter! The fact that Spike TV and E3 is funded by organisations that supported the SOPA and PIPA bills is just icing on the cake -of disappointment- that Molyneux seems intent on serving us every time. Stick to the day job Peter, there's already enough bullshit merchants in games journalism as it is

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