Monday, 18 June 2012

IGN are friends of EA

As the old saying goes: you can't spell "ignorant" without IGN. And the Rupert Murdoc's videogaming meat puppets are keeping to their tradition of corporate cock sucking, with a laughable apologist piece asking: why do people "hate" EA? But instead of actually asking people why they hate EA, instead the groveling tossbag: Colin Campbell (if that is his real name) ask EA's chief of operations and professional goblin look-a-like: Peter Moore why EA attracts so much flak.

"It's painful when you read that commentary. The vitriol is hard on the teams. They read this stuff, their neighbors ask them about it. You probably saw the video, EA in a Nutshell. It portrays us as a money-grubbing monolith, gouging. And you just want to say... really...we are The Man? Unfortunately, I've always learned that the tallest trees catch the most wind.”
 Except if EA was a tree, you would have to buy another -almost identical- tree every year. You'd have to pay extra for it to bear any fruit and it will fall on your house and fully expect you to buy it's new sapling, that has broader appeal but is nowhere near as good as he last tree, so they stop selling that kind of tree. And, manure is involved somewhere

If the poisoned souls at IGN honestly can't figure out why people have any sort of grievance with EA and their business practises: like day 1 DLC, buying up developers and either squeezing them for every drop or killing them off altogether (see Bullfrog), retarded PR strategies, bastardising every franchise for the sake of "broader appeal", Origin  and of course, the long con that EA pioneered two generations ago: The yearly update.
To be honest, most expect EA -being the corporate bullshit dispenser that they are- to be backtracking hypocrites.  But they may be bewildered by IGN being such rampant EA apologists. Using such thin excuses that: "EA is a corporation and it exists to make money." Well if it only wants to make money, then cut out the gaming bollocks and move into people smuggling. I hear that makes hundred of millions of dollars every year. And it's a pre-requisite to treat people like utter shit, so the infrastructure is already there more or less.
And that EA,originally was all about making interesting games that would make people cry? Well all they do now is make people complain how crappy EA treat their own fucking customers. And no I don't mean the pointless "retake Mass Effect" champagne. I mean treating every gamer as a walking cash machine that pays out on verbal abuse and kicks in the bollocks. Remember the mental idea of paying for bullets in future games? . I mean, sure, most publishers probably think that way too, but they don't go around saying it like they're almost fucking proud of it!

No doubt, readers will think IGN did this purely to get kickbacks from EA. Not exactly. You see, IGN is a commercial gaming website. If it were to go around inciting nerd rage (or "consumerism" as other forms of media may call it) then suddenly it may find EA taking back it's money for advertising and that their people may not get invited to as many press events as before and review code are suddenly in very short supply. And if a website is trailing behind other sites in delivering news, previews and such, then it loses revenue. So when Campbell wrote EA is a corporations and exists only to make money, he also counts IGN in that statement. Very clever Colin, I see what you did there. Taking down the system from within. Keep fighting comrade!

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