Friday, 8 June 2012

CVG don't know any girls

And if they did know any, they'd only want the ones with big tits reading their website it seems. And it seems the only thing worth reporting on from this years E3 is voting on which booth babe was hottest. Great Idea lads, who gives a monkey's toss about the whether Nintendo can reclaim confidence from the "core" gaming audience and whether Sony and Microsoft were right not to premier new hardware and what system is Watchdogs running on (clue: a big fucking PC), nah, fuck that noise. Lets wank our rancid man-meat over some model paid to dress up as Power Girl. And rate those girls on whether we would (in a alternate universe, where being a balding games journo, made you attractive to women) have sex with them or not.

You can read more about CVG's rather pathetic attempts at at cheap -lowest common denominator- filler in Rachel Weber's piece on GamesIndustry International. I used a picture of Tim Ingham for the title image. And to be fair, he's not the man to blame this piece of shoddy journalism. Although he is responsible for the pointless "W.R.O.N.G." campaign (god, Alan Titchmarsh really fucked you up didn't he Tim?). No,  CVG site editor: John Houlihan is the man to blame for this open declaration of hand-sex over content. Not surprising really, if you've ever read his book about stalking women then you realise he's a middle aged teenager, who revels in talking about women as if they're some kind of sub-species that were created for men to shoot their turgid, grey, jizz into/onto.

Apologists (which is like whiteknighting, but for supposed jobs instead of sexual favours) will say all Houlihan did was his job: to attract traffic to the site. Shame he couldn't do that with relevant game content and interesting and informative articles and reviews, eh? If it's purely about grabbing the attention of horny teenage boys, then go the whole hog and rename CVG as "Clits, Vaginas, and Gashes" and make it all chesty women dressed as Bayonetta. Because being relevant to gamers' tastes and needs certainly isn't your strong point

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