Thursday, 9 February 2012

David Jaffe needs a girlfriend

Remember, back in high school, one of your friends would have gotten a look at a naked woman (either by accident or stealing a older relatives porn mag) and suddenly talks like he's seen more lady parts than Russell Brand's dick. But in reality, he would remain a virgin until someone stupid and/or drunk enough came along and ejected them from the V-Club. Well, that's what it's like listening to God of War creator, David Jaffe is like.
You can see this for yourself, in a recent interview with GameTrailers for the new Twisted Metal game, for the PS3. In a typical act of frat boy humour, Jaffe insisted that Twisted Metal would make a great valentines gift for your girlfriend and: "If you let her win Twisted Metal split-screen, she will suck your dick"
Later Jaffe backtracked on twitter about the comment:
 "Uhm, on the whole GT BJ thing, if I may: I like vulgar but the way that was edited came off more vulgar than even I like. There actually was some context to that conversation as I recall but the edit only showed the last part of a bigger discussion. Granted, the overall discussion was still intentionally juvenile and over the top but w/that as context- especially given the entire REST of the GT piece had NO indication the interview was gonna go vulgar, at least I think you'd see more where it was coming from"
So it was really just a little joke that went too far and got taken out of context. This from the man who almost orgasmically talked how the development for God of War almost descended into fist fights and how one of the dev team promoted the game (in a unlockable video in the actual game no less) "you should play God of War because it will get you laid."  Don't believe me? Go straight to 6:30 and see for yourself.

And GameTrailers themselves had said they didn't edit the interview, as you see for yourself, so frankly Jaffe should learn a little basic PR and apologise for being a dick and maybe learn that women aren't just walking sex tubes, put on this Earth to purely satisfy our every whim. Even if the only females you do see are booth babes and cosplayers.  Seriously, what kind of women suck you off for letting them beat you at video games? The only woman I ever let win is my mum. And she has NEVER sucked my cock... despite her protests
Your games are good enough to sell themselves, you shouldn't some pathetic shock tactic to sell them. Your dress sense may be from the 90's David, it doesn't mean your marketing has to be too. Oh, and by the way, buying God of War didn't get me laid, no matter how much I told people I owned a copy, so fuck you for that one too

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