Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Activision hates the free press

Activision have been accused of quite a few dick moves as of late. DLC, season passes, the elite debacle and such bullshit. But they've raised the bar in pointless cuntish behaviour, when French journalist: Julien Chieze, who writes for  reported that the French Amazon site had a listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. However, soon after Gameblof ran the story, they were contacted by Activision's France asking them to take the story down from their site. Gameblog's editor: Gregory Szriftgiser told Activision he was not going to pull the story, so Activision told him that anyone from his site was now uninvited to their Fall of Cybertron press event, any advertising of their games would be pulled from the site and they would no longer receive any games, as said in Szriftgiser's interview with kotaku. Activision's only comment on the matter has been a rather unsurprising, souless muttering:
 "Activision doesn't blacklist journalists. We believe this was a misunderstanding and are working towards a resolution"

 So Activision don't blacklist journalist. They just instantly take away any support and/or communication from them if they write anything about them that isn't cut and pasted from a PR release. Because even though the mistake of leaking the title of the next Call of Duty was's fault, Activision decide to kick a legitimate website in the balls for it. it's like beating your wife because your boss treats you like shit at work. 
And don't listen to the coke-addled hacks of "legitimate games media" who may dismiss as some two-bit blog who should of gone along with a reasonable request from a publisher, because Gameblog has been going for years and is run by professionals who have been working in games journalism for over ten years. has done nothing wrong. They observed something related to their field of work and reported about it. That's all, just some plain and simple news reporting. But of course now the story is that Activision are bastards and there's a new Black Ops coming out soon.
One wonders how Activision will top themselves in the abysmal behaviour: all multiplayer modes as day 1 DLC? Weeks between the release dates of different formats? Having to created the centre hole in the game disc yourself? I probably shouldn't be giving them suggestions

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