Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why you shouldn't watch the Spike Video Game Awards

If you live in Europe, you won't be watching it anyway, because you don't get the Spike network and (if you have any intelligence) wont bother staying up late to watch a couple of trailers on Ginx TV's live stream , which you'll be able to see on youtube the following morning anyway. Unlike their shows, which you can only see on their facebook page because their youtube views were so laughable.
But never mind that shit, if you live in the states or have access to a stream of the live show, you might wonder why I would advise you not to watch it? It's not because I think it's pointless -like gaming awards shows are- it'll be a waste of time to see D-list celebrities pretend to know what Battlefield 3 is. No, if you've ever uploaded or enjoyed video game related (or in fact any) content on youtube then you should boycott the VGAs.  Why? watch this video:

If you can't be bothered watching, toy genius and advocate for a free internet: Mike Mozart, is speaking about Viacom: who own MTV, Comedy Central, Gametrailers, paramount and the Spike network. Viacom will be know to anyone who has tried to enjoy a youtube video and discovered it was flagged over copyright. Anyone in  games media who has tried to upload a "lets play" video or a trailer (something PR people are fine with if you check with them) and you're not IGN or Machinima, you get flagged, as a matter of course. Now, Viacom isn't flagging everyone on youtube, but they started this whole: "Youtube is stealing our copyrighted material and we can't pay Will Ferrell to make more shit movies now!" Watch the video and Mozart tells us how Spike.com's "viral" section has stolen videos from youtube, without their permission and puts ads in them. So they're stealing someone else's work and profiting from them. Have a look: a "will it blend" video on their site with no link to their website. Which is weird seeing as Spike, at one point  used to known as "ifilm.com" which actively encouraged you to upload and share copyrighted material and a company they owned called CNET did just that before there even was a Youtube or even Napster!

The whole point of an awards ceremony is to celebrate and promote an industry or individuals.  But how can the Spike VGAS do that when their parent company tries to clamp down on individuals on Youtube, yet happily steals material that doesn't belong to them, host it for money and give the originator NO CREDIT!? And to anyone in gaming who has anything to do with the VGAs you're a fucking hypocrite, The entire games industry is heavily crying out over piracy, yet you're cosying up to a company that has been involved in piracy for years now and continues to do so!
If you're a gamer, then you should be boycotting the Spike VGAs, and letting them know why. Because the big companies (be it EA, Activision or Viacom) continue this "One rule for us and one rule for the rest of you" attitude, that seems to be excused because a new 10 second trailer will be there while a drunken PR guy accepts a shitty looking trophy from Snooki for "game of the year". Tell the bastards you'll be watching a 3 hour lets play video of the bootleg Streets of Rage instead

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