Friday, 25 November 2011

oooh look, King of Fighters 13 is coming out!

As stated in MCV , Rising Star Games have revealed their advertising campaign for the Pal version of King of Fighters 13 (want me to write "XIII", then go find a professional writer that gives a damn) which is focused mainly on  "community-driven campaign" which means turning up at what ever event they can bluff their way into to they can flog their games there to you direct and hoping they might mention a release date on their facebook or twitter page. yeah, good luck with that one. You know how I found out No More Heroes 2 came out? It was for sale at the Rising Star stand, at the MCM Expo, even though I had contacted their PR guy several times about release dates. But the lazy bastard couldn't give me a link to a press site (which games journos all sign up to for automatic updates on the latest releases), so I was surprised as everyone else at their stand was. Bit confusing as they had more people at their stand than Sega or Namco and they put me on their contacts list in next to no time.
Are Rising Star hoping that sheer word of mouth will sell the game? The mouth breathers at beat'em up tournaments pretty much already hyped for the next instalment of their favourite fighting game is coming out, so you're only preaching to the converted. And , no doubt, they're wanking themselves into a -sprite based- frenzy over the four-disc soundtrack that comes as a bonus with pre-orders of the game. That is if anyone actually knew when the game was actually coming out. But for that unimportant bit of information, you need to check the website for that. It's out today, by the way. But you wouldn't know that from the news post linked at the start, would you? Never mind Rising Star, I'm sure there's plenty more obscure Japanese games that you'll embezzle the promotional budget out of coming soon

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