Thursday, 27 October 2011

GMA sponsors make twats of themselves at awards

What's the old saying: "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Try telling that to Gary Glitter, Lindsay Lohan and, most recently. UK games retailer: Grainger Games.
Before you ask, no, I've never heard of them either. but apparently they're a  chain of games shops based in the North and North East of England and they were the main sponsors of this years gaming media awards (GMA) where games journalists, of all mediums, get together to celebrate their god forsaken industry. I don't much care for who won what, basically  the Guardian's Steve Boxer got the nod and Ready Up and Destructoid didn't, so smart choices by the judges there. As if anyone cared. Well, quite a few people are talking about it now because the people representing Grainger Games made a drunken and/or coked up embarrassment of themselves.

Someone talking about me?

By all accounts, things started pretty shambolically and got worse from there. With Grainger games impressing only the chavviest of people with a bright orange Hummer van with bikini clad booth babes and midgets on hand to give out the awards. Also rather strangely, all the tables at the event were festooned with Grainger branded condoms. What the fuck for? Gaming- so by extension games media- is predominately male, were they expecting he guys from Eurogamer to grab hold of those two twats that make those videos from Xbox LIVE, drag them them into the gents toilets and give them the anal shagging of a lifetime? As the event began it was clear the Grainger crew were totally wasted and heckled everyone, from the host: Greg Davies to all the winners and getting on everyone's tits by shouting quotes from the Inbetweeners and chant's of "toon army!", as described in full by one attendee and -for some reason- giving a slow hand-clap to industry legend, Colin Campbell. It really says something when games journalists think you're twats (or automatically assume you work for Official Xbox Magazine) and just what Grainger thought they were playing at beggars belief. For a kick off, you're meant to get all fucked up AFTER the event, and the journos have spent five minutes writing the rough draft of their report on it. Unless their aim was to piss off the entirety of gaming media in this country as many writers are raging about the behaviour of Grainger games. To the point where GMA head honcho: Stuart Disney publically apologised for said antics
I would post a link to the apology on Grainger's site, but that's down for some reason. Maybe it has  a hangover? Whether this drastically effects business for Grainger Games, is yet to be seen. They're weren't hugely known around the UK and they seemed to go out of their way to alienate anyone who might give them publicity. I very much doubt that means magazine publishers will turn down their advertising (when money concerned, publishers would gladly throw a writer down a volcano full of acid if needs be) but the websites might very well tell them go fuck off. Or ask them who their dealer is?

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