Sunday, 23 October 2011

Before you buy Arkham City on the 360, get your catwoman code first. FREE!

I have a little consumer tip for you. The supermarket: Asda have a little problem with their consignment of Arkham City on the 360. If you weren't aware, WB Games have implemented the catwoman portion of the game (her story and challenge modes as well as two extra costumes) as downloadable content. By means of a code included with new copies of the game. So if you buy Arkham City pre-owned, you'll have to pay to download the catwoman pack from the xbox LIVE marketplace.
However, the copies sent to Asda didn't include the code to activate catwoman. But WB know of this problem and all you have to do is either phone their customer service hotline: 0207 984 6480
or email:
To get your code. All you need to do is tell them you bought Arkham City from Asda, tell them the location of your nearest branch of Asda-and if you're on the phone-your email address. And they'll send you the catwoman code in no time.
So why not take advantage and get your catwoman code, and save it for when you get the game pre-owned? Because frankly, WB games decided to fuck the gamers about with their bullshit pre-order bonus skins, which had everyone runing around, trying to find which shop/website had the specific one they wanted, to the point where even Rocksteady (Arkham City's developer) said WB Games was taking the whole DLC stuff  too far.
So it serves them fucking right! It's a pre-owned game, not a pirate copy. Don't punish gamers because high street game shops score such huge markup on their pre-owned games. So feel free to save some more money when you get round to playing it and fully enjoying the complete game, at no extra cost. And hey, it's what Catwoman would do

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