Tuesday, 20 September 2011

PS Vita is region free, cool! ...oh wait

If you're as excited as a paedophile on the first day of school holidays at the prospect of getting your hands on Sony's new handheld: the Vita, and you've thought about trying to get it early (out in Japan 17th of December) then good news, as  Sony has confirmed that the handheld will be region free. So no matter where you got your Vita from, it'll play games from any country. Whether that's also the case with DLC remains to be seen (I wouldn't bank on it) but it seems Sony is being so kind to you people who like to get games early or source obscure Japanese hentai and mahjong games.
Just one little problem. Unless there's a half decent independent games shop near where you live, then you'll have to buy your import Vita and games online. The  best know place for buying items from Japan is, of course, play-asia.com. I've used it before, their shipping costs aren't stupid and they have a great selection of stuff to buy (like N64 controllers, fighting sticks etc). So one click on the Vita section to pre-order this great new, region free, handheld and you see this:
this is racist!

That's right, you can't buy one from Japan's most reputable online retailer. Could that be because a few years ago, Sony threatened legal action to anyone who imported Japanese Sony products into Europe?  So because of that Play-asia blocks you from ordering any Sony console (or related game) if you live in the EU for fear of getting in the shit like import and console-modification site: Lik-Sang did, when they lost a legal battle against Sony and had to shut down.
So I guess what Sony really meant was:
  "The Vita is region free, for everyone except those cunts in Europe. That'll teach them for speaking so many different languages!"
Very lazy bloggers/writers often play the victim and bleat about how "Publisher X hates the UK" (and the rest of Europe by extension), which is bullshit. It's just that the European branch of certain publishers are either underfunded or run by incompetents. That said, when a big name like Sony does something like this, it's not hard to see why people think it's based on a personal disdain for our riot ridden, sceptred isle.

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