Wednesday, 27 July 2011

PC version of Driver SF in DRM dick move

If you're looking forward to the PC version of the latest incarnation of the the Driver series: "Driver San Francisco" then get ready to be annoyed by Ubisoft as Driver community manager: Mathieu Willem ( a poncey made up name if ever there was one) confirmed on his twitter the PC version will be using the ever pointless and irritating Digital Rights Management (DRM) of; always-on DRM. Meaning if you want to play Driver SF on your PC you must be connected to the internet, always. Because not running an internet bill is obvious game piracy.
Honestly, I really can explain why publishers think DRM will stop piracy. I've never heard an half decent reply (if any) as to how this will stop someone from thinking: "Fuck this DRM crap, I'll just illegally download or buy a pirated copy so I don't have to be online to play the game"
But then I doubt Ubisoft even know why either. Maybe they all suffered mild amnesia and have forgotten how their servers got attacked last time they tried to impliment always-on DRM. Just a theory, and one that makes more sense than DRM ever does

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