Monday, 4 July 2011

Do you play games and have breasts? EA needs you!

Pic taken 3 years and (2 stone less) ago
Are you female, considered "attractive", can pretend to like ok-ish racing games and don't mind being perved over by sweaty-knuckled gamers and drug addled sexual predators  games journalists? Then EA have the "ultimate job" (blow and hand, most likely)  as their European spokesmodels.
And as rookie models are more likely to read this crappy blog than MCV , let me enlighten you as to what that entails.
As EA states, the two chosen models will be acting as "brand ambassadors" for the Need For Speed franchise at events throughout 2012. Meaning you'll have to turn up to various gaming or racing related events, stand by the NFS stand, and attract people to have a go on the game, in between bouts of posing for camera and pretending not to be totally disgusted by the clientele. Also included, in the job. is you'll get over "£1,500 worth of entertainment merchandise"
That's a lot of t-shirts and key rings.
So if you still fancy the job, the UK sign up is right here. Only three girls have signed up for it so far. So I'd suggest getting in there quick before the Frag Dolls reform as tits for hire.
Good luck!

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