Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Duke Nukem Forever latest...TITS!

The merch bro, it's all about the merch

Whether you think the said chesty substances are related to the female mammary glands, on show, or the people behind the marketing, I'm not quite sure. But in the run up to the long delayed -but finally coming out, whether it's any good or not- Duke Nukem Forever, you can masturbate the time away, waiting on this promotional site:  Duke Nudem! In which you play a very basic flash target shooting game, to see clips of women taking their tops off. You gotta hand it to 2K Games, they certainly know their target audience. Mainly being 14 year old boys and those that had some sort of electro-shock treatment and have no idea of the Call of Duty games.
Duke Nukem Forever is set for a June 10th release, so get your wanks in now. Before getting shouted at by an obese teenage boy, during capture the babe mode, really messes you up

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