Monday, 18 April 2011

Green Lantern on the 3DS must be the best game ever! Says MCM Expo

If you weren't aware. The MCM Expo  has been going for around ten years now. Hosting events for fans fo comics, movies and manga/anime fans alike around the country. In recent years it's added gaming to the mix, and has grown to be a impressive part of the event. Even better than the Eurogamer expo. In terms on new games previewed, at the very least.
At last Octobers London Expo, they had the first playable versions (in the UK) of Marvel vs Capcom 3 and The Goldeneye remake, amongst many other games. The one coming up, over the weekend from the 27th-29th of May seems a bit different. In the run up to the event, you normally get sent notification emails about all the events and guests that will be at Expo. And there's only been one.
The confirmation that the Wii and 3DS game of the Green Lantern film (which looks like a fan made movie) is listed as the only game at the entire event!  Which can only mean, the game is so amazing, that no other publisher wants to get totally overshadowed by Green Lantern's mind blowing gameplay. So much so, that it seems even the normal collection of star guests are afraid to be in the same building as such a colossal step in game play. The cowards!
It's times like this I wish I wasn't quitting the business. Because as much as I'd like to play this -bound to be- epoch making game. I'm not paying to go to an event crawling with the usual motley crew of attention whores, mouth breathers and PR scumbags (Yes, Rising star games, I'm looking at you). But if dressing up as your favourite fictional character, buying some cool stuff and catching herpes off a 15 year old, obese harlot, then sign up for a ticket!

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