Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UK Resistance closes down. 14 Shenmue fans give a shit

After about 15 years of trying to convince himself Sega hasn't become the equivalent of George Lucas. UK Resistance owner/writer, Gary Cutlack has shut up shop on one of the most established, non commercial, gaming sites. Originally dedicated to all things Sega, UK:R became a favourite amongst pro websites and journalists (who would love to be able to speak their mind about games, but prefer not being unemployed) with the site later going multi-format.
Although the site kept the focus pro-Sega, to the point where you weren't sure whether Cutlack was being ironic with his (admittedly funny) attacks on Sony and Nintendo (but never the xbpx360) or a shameless zealot?
But what most people will remember are the countless pictures of any anything remotely Sega related. From creepy fan pictures of Cream the rabbit (which is a character from the current -shit-sonic games, not a furry website) and pictures of booth babes, that would be accompanied by some ironic text, to make it seem alright to show upskirt photos of an Asian Ulala cosplayer.
Even though it took you 15 years to realise, what took me 2:that there's no place in games journalism, for anyone with their own style, voice, or opinions- you were a true trailblazer, Cutlack.
Now do a line of coke, suck off the PR people (if they haven't already stolen your husband), and get ready for a lifetime of writing news posts.
...And remember, don't ever dream

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