Saturday, 26 March 2011

Nintendo 3DS London launch: Less than 100 people turn up. I blame Hadouken

That's right, The London HMV store held it's midnight opening for the new Nintendo handheld: the 3DS. And in grand fashion (by Nintendo UK standards) the first 500 people in the queue were given a free game for their new hand held console. Although by midnight, less than 100 were there for even a  free selection of ,what has to be, one of the weakest launch line ups ever.
So after freezing my balls off, waiting for "special musical guests", which was the fuck-awful poser band: Hadouken (Atari Teenage Riot for the brain dead) and Plan B (soul music for chavs) I got a quick go on three of the launch titles. Super Street Fighter4 looks and plays fairly faithful to the original version, but with (obviously) diminished graphics. Although it's still impressive looking and plays decently enough due to the properly designed D-pad, so pulling off special moves won't be such a pain. And even if you do struggle with doing a quarter-circle then you can set the touch screen to do special moves at the touch of a (on screen) button.
Pilotwings Resort  is easy to get into and shows off the whole idea of the 3DS technology, but I couldn't shake the feeling this was meant to be the, once talked about, Wii Pilotwings game. Especially as it uses Miis in it. But the 3D screen gives a great sense of depth as you take your first dive with the hand glider. Nothing special, but the bare minimum of what you'd expect from a launch title.
Pro Evo 2011 3D was a bit of a shambles. I had to turn the 3D effect down as the default camera is fixed behind the player and the background revolves around constantly, which really disorientates. Thankfully, you can set the camera to the traditional pro evo set up. And then you're reminded of how crap the pro evo series has become.

Being a gaming event, the usual collection of media whores, drug addicts and borderline autistics -that make up the ranks of video games media- turned up to cover the event. Well, they talked to a couple of people in the que then helped themselves to the free food, then pissed off home while the legit media talked to the first person (in the London HMV) to buy a 3DS.
Personally I was too busy trying to (unsuccessfully) chat up one of the shop staff. Don't judge me, I don't drink and don't do drugs, so the usual diet of free alcohol and cocaine, doesn't interest me.
That red headed angel is too good to be dealing with Nintendo fan boys...curse my lack of money, looks and charm!

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